Field Work Reflections 5/01/13

Reflection 5, May 1

I found a WWE Wrestling Superstar book that we would read and I would conduct a Miscue Analysis with. This way he would enjoy the reading we were doing. After the Miscue Analysis I concluded that he has at least 3 major miscues.
The first miscue that I noticed was new to me because I did not notice it before with him. He often told me that he did not like certain books because he did not understand what was going on. I figured it was because he was bored with the book so he did not pay attention, which I still think plays a big part in it. However, during the miscue analysis I noticed he would randomly skip lines when reading so that may also play a part in why he has a hard time understanding the books. If he is consistently skipping lines his comprehension will go down especially if he doesn’t like the reading.

Another miscue I noticed, that further proved what I already thought from the word lists, was that Ben struggled with vowel sounds. He also strengthened my suspicion that he struggles with the -i and -e vowels in the middle of the words. Many of his miscues also were because he mispronounced the middle vowel sounds. He struggled with the ones were he had to blend sounds together to make a different sound.

The third and final miscue I noticed was that he struggles with suffixes. I thought with the word lists he was just reading too fast, which still might be the case, but he does have a lot of miscues because he messes up or does not say the suffixes right. It is something that I want to look more into, in order to figure out if it is just reading to fast or if he struggles with suffixes.

Miscue Analysis


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