Field Work Reflection 4/26/13

Reflection 3, April 26

Today I conducted an interview with a student I have been working with. I have work with him before in group work and have found out a little about him through that, but now I am trying to find out more. Instead of bombarding him with a ton of questions, during group work I kept a log and would ask vague questions so that when he became comfortable with me and I had a base to work off of.
I tried to keep the interview more like a conversation, building off of the broad answers I already knew about and the questions he was asking me. After about twenty-five minutes of talking to each other I was able to gather quite a bit of information. He lives at home with his mother, sister, and brother. He got a little defensive when he mentioned that his father was not around, so I did not push him to tell about the father. Instead I asked about his siblings. His brother is nineteen and his sister is sixteen; this makes him the baby of the family like me so we had that in common. The books he typically reads are about hundred pages long and it takes him a little less than a week to finish the book. He then informed me that he does not enjoy reading and does not have a favorite book. When I asked him why he does not enjoy reading he said that the books they make him read are boring; he has a hard time paying attention to the story because he does not like it. This led me to ask him what he did like.
He loves to watch wrestling, specifically WWE Raw and Smackdown. His favorite wrestler is the Undertaker and Rey Mysterio. He is currently reading two books about each of these wrestlers. I was able to carry on the conversation about this topic because when I was kid I used to watch the same thing. He asked me a ton of questions about this topic and I found out that books about wrestling were his favorite types of books. This eventually led to more of his hobbies. We got hooked on talking about sports because we are both huge fans and play a lot of sports. His favorite sport to play is basketball, but he also plays football and baseball. Earlier he had told me that he did not enjoy reading and I was seeing why he said that. So after I found out some of his hobbies, I asked him if he enjoys reading books about sports and competition. He informed me that he did, but most of the books that they read in class have nothing to do with those topics. All this information made me think of a specific question that I that I felt I knew the answer to. “Do you like reading aloud or silently?”
I figured he would say silently and sure enough he said he preferred to read silently. I asked him why he liked to read silently and he told me that he just enjoyed it more. I believe it is because every time he reads aloud, it is a book he does not enjoy. He later told me that he enjoys reading aloud with me and I believe this was because he reads his personal books one on one with me. It was amazing how much background information I was able to get just from an informal, conversational interview.


Interview Question



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